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Technique, inspiration and fun are the bedrocks of Christabel’s teaching ethos. 


Vocal health is of the most importance if singers are to avoid vocal disorders and this is why vocal technique plays such a big part in singing lessons with Christabel. Posture/alignment, breath control, projection, tone, flexibility, pitch/intonation, and voice control are just some of the important areas and each lesson will be tailored specifically to you or your child, depending on what is required or desired. 


Finding out about new genres, learning about different singers and rolemodels, developing your own sound, and finding out what inspires and excites you or your child musically is extremely important. Emotion in a performance is what draws in the audience and how much easier to develop feel and emotion when singing an inspiring and exciting song. 


Singing is fun! It is something we do to bring us pleasure. Relax and enjoy it. Christabel is extremely passionate about singing and loves teaching singing. Hopefully you will find the lessons as fun as she does. If not, tell her what you want more or less of.  


As already stated, it is Christabel’s firm belief that singing is natural to humans and not singing is as sad as not laughing. Some music historians believe that singing predates the spoken word and that, as humans, we first communicated in sung sounds, rather than with words. People from all cultures include singing in noteworthy events, and use song to help them celebrate, just as we do at Christmas and on birthdays. So, if you feel nervous about singing, or you believe you are no good, let Christabel help you find your natural singing voice. 

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