Christabel Cossins started out as a professional singer over 20 years ago, and still works as one today. She got into teaching quite by accident 17 years ago,  when she was fresh out of doing her Master’s degree. Christabel applied for a job as a singing teacher to pre-school children at a music school in Brighton. When she arrived for the interview, she was greeted by the owner of the music studio, who turned out to be a guy called Nick Minnion. This was a surprise for Christabel as he was someone she already knew: the first musician to book her for a paid gig as a singer a few years before!

Unfortunately she didn’t get the job teaching toddlers, but Nick did ask Christabel to train with him as a singing teacher and that is how her teaching career began. So thank you Nick Minnion!  

Further training came in the form of a Post Graduate Certificate in Vocal Pedagogy (Work Based Learning), in which Christabel attained a distinction. Christabel is a qualified NLP practitioner and a member of the British Voice Association.

Over the years, Christabel has taught literally hundreds of people in Hove, Brighton and Steyning, one to one, and in groups. She specialises in teaching singing to women and children, helping them to develop healthy vocal technique and to grow in confidence as performers – which often has the added bonus of increased confidence in life! ​

Christabel provides one to one singing lessons in Brighton and Hove and also in Steyning, West Sussex. She also runs two choirs: Sing Out Sister Women’s Choir in Steyning and Sing Out Henfield (in Henfield). The latter is suitable for suffers of dementia. 

Christabel believes that singing is a truly human endeavour. Her teaching ethos is based on the idea that singing is as natural to humans as laughing and dancing, and that we can all enjoy it as an activity, either alone or in groups. She believes it is a wholly inclusive pastime which no one should be excluded from. This is how she runs her lessons and it is how she runs her choirs.